Thursday, February 9, 2012


I had been wanting to try Mile End in Boerum Hill, Bklyn for a while.  The place bills itself as a Montreal Jewish delicatessen, and has a ton of interesting sandwiches on their menu.  Their smoked meat sandwich isn't as innovative as some of their others, but it's good enough to be ranked up there with longtime institutions like Katz's and 2nd Avenue.  The smoked meat with mustard on rye with a side of slaw and pickles isn't a towering sandwich like at Katz's, but the meat is thick-cut with enough flavor and fatty edges to make me go back for more.  The rye bread is thick enough too, unlike sometimes at 2nd Avenue, and holds the meat well without the sandwich falling apart.  If you go, definitely get the poutine - delicious and not greasy fries with gravy and melting lumps of cheese.  As I type this, I definitely wish I was eating more right now.

Mile End Delicatessen
97 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

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