Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Eating at the Keko Cafe in midtown is like being transported to a long gone era in Europe.  Time seems to slow down, as well.  French music plays over the speakers.  Only soccer is shown on the TVs. The menu is influenced by the Tunisian flavors in their crepes, pizzettas, and salads.  The tuna melt is always a good choice, too.  The baguette is fresh and the tuna has a perfect ratio of mayonnaise to fish along with a nicely melted swiss cheese.  It is served with olives and pickles for $7.49.  Smack in the middle of busy midtown, the Keko Cafe is a much-needed reprieve.  And just like in Europe, the waitstaff won't be rushing you out of the door.

Keko Café
121 Madison Avenue (between 30th & 31st St.)
New York, NY 10016
For Take-Out & Local Delivery orders
please call: (212) 685-4360
or fax: (212) 725-2874

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